Striped Keelback Xenochrophis vittatus is a species of snake found mainly in Indonesia (Bangka, Java, Sumatra, We, Sulawesi); and Singapore (introduced).

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A diurnal snake that loves paddyfields, ponds, small ditches and sometimes wandering around backyard and home garden. This rear-fanged and mildly venomous snake is considered harmless and typically feeds on amphibians, fish and small lizards.

In CaptivityEdit

In Central Java its also not uncommon for Striped Keelbacks to be kept by children as a pet. It has a reputation for being very mild-mannered and rarely bites. In the United States, wildcaught Striped Keelbacks are frequently imported and sold as "garter snakes", typically "Canadian garter snakes" or "Indonesian garter snakes".Template:Colubrids-stub

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