Oedura is a genus of medium to large geckos (Gekkonidae) found in [Australia]. They are referred to by the common name Velvet geckos. Most of the species occur in the Eastern States, with several others that are found in Western Australia.

They are mostly arboreal and nocturnal, and have flattened bodies that are distinctly patterned. They are secretive tree or rock dwellers, usually concealing themselves beneath peeling bark or in cracks and crevices. A species found in the Kimberley region, Oedura filicipoda, is named for the plumose fringing on the toes that may assist in clinging to rocky overhangs.[1] All species are adapted to their dry conditions and can go for months without food or water.Template:Citation needed


The type species for the genus is Oedura marmorata, first described by John Edward Gray in 1842.[2] The following is a list of species:[3]


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