Hello everyone,

So just a few days ago I decided to stay on Wikia. Right now I'm customizing Oasis' .css to make it look cool. But very soon I'm going to have to be doing alot more than just editing the layout. We're going to have to make some big changes if we are to be seen as a reliable wiki. First off, we're just starting out, so we'll start with some basic changes to the main page to help get things done easier and stay in touch on a rising wiki. Here's a list of things I plan to add/change to Wikia soon.

Main Page:

  • Community Forum box. Similar to the one at Wikia's Community Central, the community can discuss things related to the wiki, such as new ideas, suggestions, problems, etc. This will take up the same space as the poll (we don't have a good use for it right now), but once this wiki gets a truly stable foothold the poll window will come back. --Done
  • Admin Forum box (possibly). Somewhere next to the Community forum box, this will keep users posted on the progress of the wiki, and the admins' discussions about the next change to the wiki. Obviously, non-admins can participate as well. I'm not sure if this should be on the main page, but I'm definitely adding it to the forums. --Done


  • Licensing Templates. I'm not sure why, but this wiki doesn't have the licensing templates other wikis have. I'll have to find them and put them on this wiki.--Done. I might edit them a little more later on. I don't know. Or someone else could, if they do, thanks.
  • Manual of Style. This is super important. We need an orderly way of doing things around here, the articles worded (encyclopedia-style) in the most informative and least confusing way as possible, and templates and similar features to be used correctly at the right time and place. Other policies would probably be added later on. --Done. Sheesh, sorry about the wait guys.

That's all for now, but I'm sure there is more that should be done to help get this wiki up on its feet and on its way to sustaining itself.

Comments/suggestions would be appreciated.

-Thesaurus Rex