Hi all, I'm pretty sure most of you have seen the new look. Unfortunately, I simply can't work with it, and despite asking the Wikia staff to make the new look optional, Monaco will be removed in November. And I'm sure 95% of all Wikia users hate the new look. Which is why I am moving. The site will be moved to Wikkii, a free wiki hosting site.

The progress will be posted here.

  • October 28 - Added sitenotice. If Wikia takes it down, just think of that as an example of their tyranny :D
  • November 03 - Wikia has no longer supported Monaco for their site. RIP.
  • November 04 - Downloaded the database. I'm almost done guys, but I'm going to need your help a bit on this part. I want this wiki to be for both reptiles AND amphibians, including feeder animals and anything related to the care of a herp. So I was wondering if you guys think the name should change. I was thinking of changing it from Reptipedia to something like, Herpetopedia, or Herpapedia. What do you think? Should the name stay? If you have any ideas on a new name, that'd be cool too.
  • November 11 - I'm starting to think about staying. But, the wiki is only going to stay if you guys think it's best that it remains in Wikia. What do you say?
  • November 14 - Well, I've decided to stay. I've customized Monobook, and customized Oasis to the point where it's just a little less disgusting. Still got a few bugs, but I hope to get them fixed soon. If you have any ideas about the new skin let me know.