Alright now, I'm back, out of hiding, and ready to roll!

Okay everyone, I'm really sorry about the long absence from me leading to the wiki going into a low-power state. Most of it is my fault, really. Real life issues, y'know? No, no excuses. Anyway, because I was gone for so long, we're starting to lag behind and go unnoticed. This needs to stop here and now. Now, Reptipedia has been revived before, and it can be revived again. And the first time it was, it turned into what you see here. Just think of what it could be now. Starting today, I'm going to re-learn how to run the wiki and do a big overhaul on Reptipedia. I can not do this alone. I'm going to need your help. I've brought up some objectives:

- Get more reptile people into the wiki. Experienced reptile people. Originally the idea was to get some Wikipedians from WikiProject Reptiles and Amphibians to help us along with the wiki and get good articles in. This idea still stands, in fact, they could help improve on the layout and overall design of the wiki. If you know any other experienced reptile people from other sites, feel free to bring them in as well. Any knowledgeable people you can find, contact them and let them know about this wiki. Try not to sound too desperate. Lol.

- Use the forums like crazy. Please, it's really important that you do. I'm going to need every suggestion you can throw at me, any bug you can possibly report, and et cetera. An active forum is an active wiki!

- And as for creating articles, let's start with the basics. I know, you really want to make that Giganotosaurus article, or maybe one about the Cozumel Spiny Lizard. But we're going to save that for a later time, when we actually get it organized. Heck, we haven't even a Squamata article yet. It shouldn't be too hard, just get a good reference to start from (preferably not Wikipedia), cite your sources, follow the Manual of Style and it should be ready to go.

- Overall, just help this wiki be an active, friendly, organized, and informative wiki for all. We can do it, guys. We just need our articles to be good, informative, and original. I really love what you guys have done so far. Let's try to kick it up a notch!

As for myself, I'm going to start devoting more of my day again to tending to Reptipedia. One of the things I expect to change is the main page. Right now it is too primitive, but after we get enough experienced Wikia/Wikipedians here, it's going to have several automatic features. Once I figure it out the main page will have an automatic queue, so that should be cool. Anything else you might want to do to help this wiki, that'd be cool.

Thesaurus out.