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    Okay everyone, I'm really sorry about the long absence from me leading to the wiki going into a low-power state. Most of it is my fault, really. Real life issues, y'know? No, no excuses. Anyway, because I was gone for so long, we're starting to lag behind and go unnoticed. This needs to stop here and now. Now, Reptipedia has been revived before, and it can be revived again. And the first time it was, it turned into what you see here. Just think of what it could be now. Starting today, I'm going to re-learn how to run the wiki and do a big overhaul on Reptipedia. I can not do this alone. I'm going to need your help. I've brought up some objectives:

    - Get more reptile people into the wiki. Experienced reptile people. Originally the idea was to g…

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    Oh man, hey, I'm just going to let you know right now that I'm REEALLY sorry for my absence here. I feel like I let you guys down a bit. But now I'm going to get right back to work, starting where I left off, the MoS and all the policies and stuff. Have fun everyone!

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    Hello everyone,

    So just a few days ago I decided to stay on Wikia. Right now I'm customizing Oasis' .css to make it look cool. But very soon I'm going to have to be doing alot more than just editing the layout. We're going to have to make some big changes if we are to be seen as a reliable wiki. First off, we're just starting out, so we'll start with some basic changes to the main page to help get things done easier and stay in touch on a rising wiki. Here's a list of things I plan to add/change to Wikia soon.

    Main Page:

    • Community Forum box. Similar to the one at Wikia's Community Central, the community can discuss things related to the wiki, such as new ideas, suggestions, problems, etc. This will take up the same space as the poll (we don'…

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    Moving Reptipedia

    October 29, 2010 by Thesaurus Rex

    Hi all, I'm pretty sure most of you have seen the new look. Unfortunately, I simply can't work with it, and despite asking the Wikia staff to make the new look optional, Monaco will be removed in November. And I'm sure 95% of all Wikia users hate the new look. Which is why I am moving. The site will be moved to Wikkii, a free wiki hosting site.

    The progress will be posted here.

    • October 28 - Added sitenotice. If Wikia takes it down, just think of that as an example of their tyranny :D
    • November 03 - Wikia has no longer supported Monaco for their site. RIP.
    • November 04 - Downloaded the database. I'm almost done guys, but I'm going to need your help a bit on this part. I want this wiki to be for both reptiles AND amphibians, including feeder anim…

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