Hey, it's Styro. I haven't been on too often as of late. I suppose it's my own darned fault, as the current count of wikis that I edit totals somewhere around 96 trillion at this point :P

The fact that not all of our users can be editing all the time is actually the subject of this blog post. As I'm sure a lot of you know by now, it's a bit difficult to find users who both like herpetology and care to edit a wiki about it. And of the ones that you can find, most of them make two or three edits and then never show up again.

Recently, however, I came upon this thing called the Global Wildlife Wiki Alliance. The founder of the British Wildlife Wiki created it, and its purpose is to find new members for its wikis, keep them up-to-date, and patrol them for any vandalism that might occur while nobody else is looking. We are technically a wildlife wiki, and I thought this would be a nice benefit, certainly if it gets us more users.

So, should we go ahead with this idea and join? If you have any questions, I can direct them to the guy who heads up the GWWA and see if they can be answered.