The Texas Scarlet Snake (Cemophora coccinea lineri) is a subspecies of nonvenomous colubrid snake native to the United States. The epithet lineri is in honor of American zoologist Ernest A. Liner, who collected the first specimen in 1963.[1]

Geographic range Edit

It is found in southern Texas. Its range does not overlap with other subspecies of scarlet snake.

Description Edit

The Texas scarlet snake is the largest of the scarlet snake subspecies, and is capable of growing to a total length of 66 cm (26 inches). It has a gray or white background color, with distinct red blotches that have black borders. Unlike other subspecies, the black borders do not join on the sides. Its belly is a solid white or gray.

Behavior Edit

Like all scarlet snakes, the Texas scarlet snake is a secretive burrower, spending most of its time under ground. It prefers sandy thicket habitats along the Gulf of Mexico coastline. Its preferred diet is the eggs of other reptiles, but it will also eat small rodents and lizards.

References Edit


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