Strophurus is a genus of the Gekkonidae family found in Australia, sometimes given the common name of tail-squirters and spiny-tailed geckos.


The species of this genus are between 80 and 130 millimetres in length. The scales of the body are generally small and round, sometimes interspersed with enlarged scales and soft spines.

All members of this genus have the unique defence, the ability to squirt a harmless, but smelly, fluid from their tails. This is used to deter birds while they are perching in shrubbery, being unusual in the family by exposing themselves during the day. As with other geckos, they are also nocturnal. Some members lack spines and enlarged scales, while another subgroup contains spines on the tail and other parts of the body.[1]

Their habitat is amongst shrubs and hummock grass, occasionally moving to the ground for warmth or mating. This is especially found in the pregnant female, who uses the additional warmth of rocks and roads to assist development of the two eggs she carries.[1]


There are 16 species of Strophurus,[2] and a number of subspecies.[1]


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