Rhabdophis is a genus of snakes, generally called keelback snakes, found primarily in southeast Asia.

Species of Rhabdophis Edit

  • Rhabdophis adleri
  • Rhabdophis angeli
  • Rhabdophis auriculata
  • Rhabdophis barbouri, Barbour's water snake.
  • Rhabdophis callichroma
  • Rhabdophis chrysargoides
  • Rhabdophis chrysargos, speckle-bellied keelback.
  • Rhabdophis conspicillatus
  • Rhabdophis himalayanus, orange-collared keelback.
  • Rhabdophis leonardi, Burmese keelback.
  • Rhabdophis lineata, zigzag-lined water snake.
  • Rhabdophis murudensis
  • Rhabdophis nigrocincta, black-striped keelback.
  • Rhabdophis nuchalis
  • Rhabdophis spilogaster, Northern water snake.
  • Rhabdophis subminiatus, red-necked keelback.
  • Rhabdophis swinhonis, Swinhoe's grass snake.
  • Rhabdophis tigrinus, tiger grooved-neck keelback, tiger keelback, Japanese grass snake, yamakagashi.

External links Edit

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