Schokari Sand Racer (Psammophis schokari) is a species of snake found in parts of Asia and Africa.


NW India, Afghanistan (Leviton 1959: 461), Pakistan, S Turkmenistan, Western Sahara ?, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Sinai, Israel, Mali, Mauritania, Nigeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Syria, Iraq, Iran (Kavir desert), Yemen

Type locality: Yemen

Psammophis schokari aegyptius has been elevated to species status.


  • Forskål,P. 1775 Descriptiones animalium, avium, amphibiorum, piscium, insectorum, vermium; quae in itinere Orientali observavit Petrus Forskål. Mölleri, Hauniae, xxxiv + 164 pp.
  • Marx,H. 1988 The colubrid snake, Psammophis schokari, from the Arabian Peninsula. Fieldiana Zool. New Ser. 40 (1383): 1-16

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