Opheodrys is a genus of small colubrid snakes commonly referred to as green snakes. In North America the genus consists of two distinct species with five recognized subspecies. As their common names imply, the Rough Green Snake has keeled dorsal scales, whereas the Smooth Green Snake has smooth dorsal scales.

Species Edit

The genus Opheodrys also includes two Asian species. O. herminae is endemic to Japan, and O. major is endemic to Central/South China, Taiwan, N. Vietnam and Laos.

Geographic range Edit

Green snakes are found throughout the United States, southern Canada, northern Mexico, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia.

Description Edit

Green snakes are so named because they are typically solid green in color dorsally, with a cream-colored or yellow underside. They are thin-bodied snakes that rarely exceed 90 cm (around 36 inches) in length. They have large eyes and blunt shaped heads.

Behavior and diet Edit

Green snakes are often found in dense, low lying vegetation near a permanent water source. They have been known to follow human activity. They rely on their color for camouflage and will usually attempt to escape if threatened. Their primary diet is soft bodied arthropods, including crickets, spiders, moths, butterflies, and grasshoppers. Green snakes are oviparous.


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