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Oedura rombifer also known as the Zigzag Velvet Gecko is a species of gecko.[1][2] Only 3 specimens have been discovered in New South Wales, Australia.[1][3]


The Zigzag Velvet Gecko can reach a length of 16 cm, and is brown on the back, and white or off-white below its sides.[4] The limbs can be speckled, pale brown, or dark brown. The coloring makes it appear to have a zigzag edge on the sides, and tail.[2]

Geographic distributionEdit

This species of gecko is found in northern Australia, in the Kimberley region, in Western Australia, and up to northern Queensland. Some species have been reported in the Alice Springs region.[3] The Zigzag gecko prefers wooded habitats, and has been found under the bark of deteriorating trees, but has also been recorded in areas with rubbish or buildings. It is usually arboreal, but sometimes seeks shelter beneath ground litter.[3]


The Zigzag Velvet Gecko is a rare species. Until 2002, no recent records existed. In 2002, one specimen was found near Warialda, New South Wales, another in Bebo State Forest, and third specimen discovered in Arakoola Nature Reserve, south of Bebo.[1][3]

The species is severely endangered, due to habitat loss from logging, and bush fires, predators such as foxes, and feral cats, and the nature of the isolation of the gecko's population, resulting in a lack of genetic variability.[1] The New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service report that the species is likely to become extinct, without intervention.[3]


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