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Mountain dragon
Mountain dragon on hand
Scientific classification
(Gray, 1841)

The Mountain Dragon (Rankinia diemensis) is an agamid, or dragon lizard, endemic to Australia. It occurs in the uplands of New South Wales and Victoria, as well as in Tasmania where it is the only native agamid. Mountain dragons are found in dry woodlands and heaths with access to open areas for sunning themselves. They are oviparous and feed on ants and other small invertebrates.[1][2]

They do not climb very high, relying instead on camouflage to evade predators.[3]


The body is coloured between grey and red-brown, with lighter coloured mottling, and a cream belly. Individuals can grow up to 20cm in length. It has spiky or raised scales on the sides of the top end of the tail. It appears similar to the Jacky Dragon, but can be much redder, and the inside of its mouth is blue (compared to the yellow of the Jacky Dragon).[3]


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