Mitchell's water monitor (Varanus mitchelli) is a species of Monitor lizard, native to Australia.[1] native to Australia. It was named after Francis J. Mitchell of the South Australian Museum.[2]


Varanus mitchelli reaches a length of up to 70 cm. It's generally dark in colour and has many small yellow spots or dark-centred ocelli.[3]


Mitchell's water monitor is found in the north part of Western Australia and the Northern Territory.[3][4][5]


This monitor lizard is found around swamps, lagoons, inland rivers and other bodies of water. It often is found on trees close to the water. It prefers to shelter in tree hollows and under bark.[3][6]


In the wild Varanus mitchelli will make for water if it is disturbed.[3] In captivity, Mitchell's water monitor is reported to be very nervous and shy. It breeds regularly in captivity in Australia.[6]


Mitchell's water monitor preys on smaller animals of both terrestrial and aquatic origin. Its prey includes: smaller lizards, small mammals, nestling birds, reptile eggs and terrestrial invertebrates (orthopterans, arachnids, beetles etc.) Aquatic prey include: fish, crabs and frogs.[6]


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