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Leptophis ahaetulla nigromarginatus, the Black-skinned Parrot Snake, is a snake of the colubrid family.[1] It is one of 12 recognized subspecies of the Parrot Snake, Leptophis ahaetulla[2][3]

Geographic rangeEdit

It is found in the Amazon Rainforest in Peru.


File:Leptophis ahaetulla nigromarginatus (08).JPG

L. a. nigromarginatus is a bright green, slender, medium-sized, snake. Adults are typically 60–100 cm in length. Black edges around the outer margin of each scale form a distinctive net-like pattern on the dorsal surface of the animal. The ventral surface has a metallic sheen, and may be green or rust-colored.


It is arboreal, living in dense brushy vegetation. It is found in secondary and primary forest.


Active during the daytime, sleeps in vegetation at night.


It feeds on lizards, frogs and small birds.



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