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King's Goanna (Varanus kingorum), is a species of small monitor lizard It is also known as King's Rock Monitor and it is found in Australia. Specifically it is endemic to the Northwest part of the Northern Territory, and the Northeast part of Western Australia. It belongs to the subgenus Odatria[1] along with the Peacock Monitor and the Pilbara monitor. Comparatively little is known about this species.[2]


King's Goanna inhabits rocky outcrops of the Kimberley Region and adjacent areas.[3] It is usually found in areas with rock exfoliations, slopes with open bushland and shrubs where boulders and outcrops provide its required microhabitat.[4] Varanus kingorum is also is found in grasslands.[5]


Varanus kingorum is one the smallest species of monitor lizard, reaching a total length of up to 40 cm.[6] It is basically brown in colour with a black reticulum in juveniles that breaks down with age to form dark flecks and spots.[2]

Behavior and dietEdit

King's Goannas retreat into hole, rock fissures and small crevices, when they are approached, being extremely shy.[7]

The appear to feed exclusively on insects including locust, termites and insect eggs.[2]


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