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Hypsiglena is a genus of small, rear-fanged, colubrid snakes commonly referred to as night snakes. The genus consists of two distinct species, many subspecies may be considered synonymous depending on the source.

Species Edit

Geographic range Edit

Hypsiglena are found throughout the north and eastern United States from Texas and Kansas, west to California, north to Washington, and south into Mexico, as well as islands off the coasts of Mexico. Their preferred habitat is semi-arid desert regions with rocky and sandy soils.

Description Edit

Night snakes typically do not get much larger than 40 cm. They are slender bodied with a flattened head, and have small eyes with vertical pupils. Their color varies depending on their locality, often matching the soil color of their native habitat. They are occur in various shades of gray, and brown, with dark brown, gray or black blotches on the back and the sides. Many also have distinctive black markings on the neck region.

Behavior Edit

Hypsiglena are a nocturnal and terrestrial. Their diet consists primarily of lizards, but they will also consume smaller snakes, and amphibians. Their venom is not considered to be dangerous to humans.

References Edit

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