Cryptic Poison Frogs
Physical description
LifespanAverage 4-6 years
Average SizeUp to 3 cm
Average weight2 grams
Scientific classification

Hyloxalus, also known by the common name Cryptic Poison Frogs, is a genus of frogs in the family Dendrobatidae. The genus is distributed in Central and South America, from Panama south to Peru (along the Pacific coast), along with Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador. Species also inhabit the eastern foothills of the Andes in Bolivia to Venezuela, east to the upper Amazon Basin. Many Hyloxalus species, such as the cream-back, bear superficial resemblances to hylids, such as the presence of small webs between their toes, and the fact that the discs at the end of their toes are slightly adhesive. This may be one of the oldest of dendrobatid genera; if this is the case, the genus has changed little since it first evolved.

Species Edit

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