Gyalopion is a genus of small nonvenomous colubrid snakes which are commonly referred to as hooknose snakes that are native to the southwest United States and Mexico.

Taxonomy Edit

Distribution & habitat Edit

Hooknose snakes prefer shortgrass prairie habitats.

Description Edit

Their base color is light brown with darker brown crossbands. Their ventral color is white or cream colored. Their most distinguishing feature is an upturned snout, which has a concave scale, as opposed to hognose snakes which have a keeled scale. They rarely grow beyond 10" in length.

Behaviour Edit

Hooknose snakes are nocturnal and secretive snakes, generally found hiding under rocks, or buried in the soil. Their primary diet consists of spiders and centipedes. They are oviparous.

References Edit

nl:Gyalopion fr:Gyalopion zh:鷹鼻蛇屬

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