The green water snake (Nerodia cyclopion) is a common species of nonvenomous snake found in the southeastern United States.


This species differs from all other North American water snakes by having one or more small scales under the eye, giving the appearance of a ring of small plates around the eye. These heavy-bodied snakes are dark green, olive, or brown dorsally. Ventrally they are yellowish on the anterior third, and the on remainder they are dark brown with yellow or white semicircles.[1] They average 76-140 cm (30-55 in.) long; record, 188 cm (74 in.) for a specimen of N. c. floridana.[2]

Subspecies Edit

Florida green water snake - N. c. floridana - (sometimes considered a full species)


Green water snakes are ovoviviparous. Mating takes place on land in April. The young are born in July or August, and are about 25 cm (10 in.) long. Brood size varies from 7 to 101, depending on the size of the female. The females, which are larger than the males and have two more dorsal scale rows, may weigh over 4.1 kg (9 lbs.).[3]

Source Edit

Reptile Database

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