Ficimia is a genus of colubrid snakes commonly known as hooknose snakes. There are seven species within the genus.

Geographic rangeEdit

They are native primarily to Mexico, but they also range into the United States in the southern tip of Texas, and as far south as Guatemala, Belize and Honduras.

Description Edit

Hooknose snakes are typically a grey or olive green in color, with brown or black blotching down the back, and a cream colored underside. They grow to a length of Template:Convert and have a distinct upturned snout, which is similar to that of hognose snakes (genus Heterodon), and is used to aid in burrowing in loose, sandy soil. The dorsal scales are smooth (keeled in Heterodon), and the anal plate is divided.[1]

Diet Edit

Hooknosed snakes feed primarily on spiders and centipedes.

Species Edit

References Edit

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