Farancia is a genus of colubrid snakes. It consists of two species, one commonly referred to as the rainbow snake and the other commonly referred to as the mud snake. They are native to the eastern half of the United States.

Description Edit

Farancia species can grow to a length of 30-54 inches. They are usually uniform dark brown or black with a brightly colored underside that is red or orange. Rainbow snakes exhibit red striping down their back.

Behaviour Edit

The snakes of this genus are typically semi-aquatic. Living in the muddy edges of slow moving, permanent water sources. Their diet consists primarily of amphiumas, eels, and sirens. Breeding occurs in early spring, and eggs are laid in a burrow near the water in early summer. The clutch incubates between 8–12 weeks, and hatches in mid-autumn.

Species Edit

References Edit


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