Drymobius is a genus of colubrid snakes commonly referred to as neotropical racers. There are four species recognized in the genus.

Geographic rangeEdit

They are found predominantly in Mexico and Central America, but they range as far north as the southern tip of Texas in the United States, and as far south as Brazil in South America.

Description Edit

Drymobius species grow to .75-1 m (30-40 inches) in total length. Their coloration and pattern vary widely among species.

Behaviour Edit

Drymobius are diurnal species, found in areas of heavy vegetation, almost always near a permanent water source. They are fast moving, and do not generally hesitate to bite if handled.


Their primary diet consists of frogs and toads.


Breeding occurs in the spring, and clutches of 6-8 eggs are laid in the early summer. The eggs hatch in approximately two months. Hatchlings are 15-18 cm (6-7 inches) in total length.

Species Edit

References Edit

de:Rennnattern fr:Drymobius nl:Drymobius zh:珠點蛇屬

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