The Yellow-faced Whip-Snake (Demansia psammophis) is a species of snake in the Elapidae family. A family containing many dangerous snakes. It is endemic to Australia.

A long thin snake with a narrow head. Greyish green in colour. The eye has a "comma" like marking to the edge of the lip, the black marking is edged with yellow. A white edged dark line is seen from the snout.

Average size 80 cm long, maximum 1.2 metres. Hatchlings 20 cm long. A lizard eating specialist, it is common throughout its range. Not an aggressive species, but the bite is to be avoided, as extreme pain will affect the bitten limb.

File:Demansia psammophis Berowra Creek.jpg

References Edit

  • Australian Reptile Park's Guide to Snakes of South East Australia - John Weigel ISBN 0646000063 page 50

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