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Coluber is a genus of thin bodied, fast moving, colubrid snakes commonly known as racers. They are widespread around the world and vary greatly in habitat and behaviour. In the past, Coluber was a catch-all genus which included almost all snake species known at the time. Even the cobra was once classified as Coluber naja.

As presented here, the genus is limited to its "modern" content of racers and whipsnakes. Still, some of these species (namely the whipsnakes) are increasingly separated as Dolichophis and others probably also do not really belong here.

Species Edit

bg:Смокове стрелци de:Zornnattern fr:Coluber he:זעמן ka:მცურავი lt:Žalčiai (gentis) nl:Coluber pt:Coluber ru:Стройные полозы tg:Мори чипор tr:Coluber uk:Стрункий полоз

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