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Cobras are a type of snakes which are famously known for their "hood" they spread when threatened.
King cobra

The king cobra

A cobra's venom could kill a human in 15 minutes, and just a tablespoon of it, even dried, can kill about 165 people, or 160,000 mice. They use their poison mainly for defence, when they feel threatened. The "spitting" cobras, found in Africa, can spray poision into their enemy's eyes when they are near. The king cobra is the largest of all venomous snake.

It is flexible and is able to live its upper body forward. It may also be quick to attack, and has many influences on today's and history's culture.

Queen Cleopatra of Egypt was killed by a cobra, and in Greek mythology, Medusa's hair was made up of deadly cobras. Today, snake charmers can make a cobra move in the movements of the flute. It is only a myth that they dance according to the music- they can't even hear it! Snakes dont have external ears.

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