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Christinus marmoratus (synonym: Phyllodactylus marmoratus) is a species of Gekkonidae (gecko) native to southern mainland of Australia, from Victoria to Western Australia. The species is well adapted to a variety of habitats, including city dwellings.[1] This group, along with other related taxa, are also known as Marbled Gecko.


A 10 cm long gecko it has a tan-olive base complexion, sometimes with black or white blotches with laminae and toes that spread out for grasping onto slippery and soft surfaces. It is insectivorous by nature but its main diet consists of anything small enough to fit in its mouth. Scales on top are different than those at the basal part, those on the top being juxtaposed and those at the base imbricate. Females usually lay two brittle-shelled eggs at a time, but share nests with other females. Up to forty eggs can be found in one nest.

Christinus marmoratus will feed on a variety of foods such as meal worms, waxworms, silkworms and crickets.They also feed on a variety of mushed fruits.


The species was first described by John Edward Gray in 1845.[2][3] The name he gave placed this group in the genus Diplodactylus as Diplodactylus marmoratus. Boulenger later gave it to Phyllodactylus, a genus whose name means "leaf-fingered". Their names are now given as authorities for two recognised subspecies:[3] Christinus marmoratus marmoratus (Gray 1845) and Christinus marmoratus macrodactylus (Boulenger 1885). A revision by Wells and Wellington gives Phyllodactylus marmoratus as a synonym for this species.[4]

The populations described by this species, and its related taxa, have been given variations on the common name Marbled Gecko, a reference to their marbled appearance, including Western Marbled Gecko and Southern Marbled Gecko.

Their placement within the genus may be summarised as follows:


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