Christinus, a genus of Gekkonidae, are geckos found in southern regions of Australia. It contains species and subspecies that are regionally termed as Marbled Geckos. The contrasted patterns of these geckos, its marbling, are found in a variety of reddish brown, grey, silver, white, black and purplish hues. They are frequently found in old knotted trees and sometimes congregate in large numbers in established urban environments.

The genus was named for Christine Biggs, a friend of the one of the authors.

Classification of genus Christinus Edit

Christinus was first described by Wells and Wellington in 1984, giving the types species as that published as Diplodactylus marmoratus Gray 1845. Their later proposal to establish a genus Ridegekko, based on Boulenger's original description of Phyllodactylus guentheri (C. guentheri), is not given in later literature. The genus has been described as containing two species, the island population and the widespread southern population. The latter, C. marmoratus, has two or more subspecies in its distribution range. One proposed subspecies, Christinus marmoratus alexanderi Storr, has been elevated by some authorities to the rank of species.

Their arrangement of the genus may be summarised as follows:

  • Christinus
    • Christinus alexanderi (endemic to Nullarbor Plain)
    • Christinus guentheri, (Lord Howe and Norfolk Island)
    • Christinus marmoratus, (widespread: southern mainland, northwest interior, islands)
      • Christinus marmoratus macrodactylus
      • Christinus marmoratus marmoratus

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