The Broad-tailed Gecko or Southern Leaf-tailed Gecko[1] (Phyllurus platurus) is a common gecko found in the Sydney Basin. The large tail is used as a decoy, to prevent predation. The tail is also useful for fat storage. This gecko is an agile nocturnal hunter, useful as a killer of insect pests.

Description Edit

Snout to vent length of 9.5 cm. Total length up to 15 cm. Rocky brown in colour, a flat body and tail.

Habitat Edit

Rocky areas, particularly in the sandstone outcrops near Sydney. However, it has adapted well to human settlement, finding shelter between bricks, in sheds, woodpiles and garages.

Diet Edit

Arthropods such as spiders, moths and beetles.

Reproduction Edit

One or two eggs per clutch, laid in a crevice.[2] Juveniles hatch after eight to ten weeks.

Captivity Edit

Considered an "easy to keep" species[3], a license is required to keep the Broad-tailed Gecko as a pet in Australia.

Notes Edit

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File:Phyllurus platurus.jpg


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