Barbour's Tropical Racer
Scientific classification
SpeciesM. bruesi

Barbour's Tropical Racer (Mastigodryas bruesi) is a species of colubrid snake found in the Caribbean. It is native to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Grenada.

It can reach about 830 mm long. It is blue-gray to brown, with lighter lateral stripes. It is diurnal, hunting frogs and lizards. It can be found in xeric habitats, on the ground, and in bushes, where it sleeps at night.

It has been recorded in the southwest corner of Saint Vincent and is widespread all over the Grenadines islands. It is also found on the southern half of Grenada, which is the farthest south it is distributed. It has been introduced to Barbados, probably around thirty years ago, where it has been incorrectly identified as Liophis perfuscus.




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