Normal Ball Python

Ball Pythons are a very popularly bred snake and are a great first Snake. They live up to 30 years and grow to be 4-5 ft long


Ball Pythons eat about once a week. They eat frozen rodents. The older the snake the bigger rodents you feed it until full-grown. You place the rodents in separate cups of warm water and let them thaw for 30 minutes. You then use your hand or tongs to dangle the rodent by its tale above the snake. Your snake should snatch it and slowly swallow it. Do not worry that the snake is choking when eating. Watch the video to see how its done


A baby should start out in a 10 gallon long tank but late switch to a forty gallon. DO NOT STAR THE BABY IN A FORTY GALLON TANK. Snakes like small spaces. They should have substrate on the floor of the enclosure. I recommend shavings from a coconut shell. You can find this at most reptile/pet stores. They should also have a small cave for them to relax in. Substrate should be changed every month or so, and spot cleaned on a weekly basis.

How to Feed Frozen Thawed to Ball Pythons08:35

How to Feed Frozen Thawed to Ball Pythons

Humidity and Temp Edit

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