Aprasia aurita
Physical description
Binomial nameAprasia aurita
Scientific classification
SpeciesA. aurita

Aprasia aurita, also called the Mallee Worm-lizard, is a species of lizard in the Pygopodidae family. It is endemic to Australia and listed on Schedule 1 under the Commonwealth's Endangered Species Protection Act. It is also listed as "threatened" on Schedule 2 under the Victorian Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act. A. aurita was formerly found in the Woomelang and Ouyen area of north-western Victoria. Due to human land use it is now mostly found in 400 ha of Wathe State Wildlife Reserve, north-western Victoria. It has also been found in Cobbler Creek Recreation Park in South Australia and Mambray Creek Reserve. It inhabits tall shrubland and open heath, primarily mallee Woodlands and mallee and other vegetation that has not been burnt for at least 40 years.[1]


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