Amphibolurus is a genus of lizards native to Australia. Characteristics include:

  • Moderate size (snout-vent-length 8,4-13,5 cm)
  • Long limbs and long tail
  • 1-5 crests consisting of enlarged, sometimes spinose scales (1 nuchal and vertebral crest, sometime 1-2 dorsal crests on each side)
  • Tympanum exposed
  • 1-11 femoral pores and 1-3 preanal pores on each side
  • Pattern usually includes 3 broad pale dorsal stripes, and some blotches on a usually brown ground coloration

Amphibolurus lizards inhabit woodlands in temperate and semi-arid areas as well as riverine vegetation in the tropical areas of Australia. They are partially arboreal and are often found perching on trunks and branches. Lizards of this genus are swift and shy, and when disturbed, they can engage in bipedal running.

Classification of genus AmphibolurusEdit

List according to Wilson & Swan (2010).


  • S. Wilson & G. Swan (2010): A complete guide to reptiles of Australia. New Holland Publishers, Sydney, Auckland, London, Cape Town.Template:Lizard-stub

fr:Amphibolurus pl:Amphibolurus pt:Amphibolurus

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