Scientific classification
Common names: odd-scaled snakes.[1]

Achalinus is a genus of harmless colubrid colubrid snakes found in Japan, Taiwan, China and northern Vietnam. Nine species are currently recognized.[1]


Species[1] Taxon author[1] Subsp.*[1] Common name[1] Geographic range[1]
A. ater Bourret 1937 0 Bourret's odd-scaled snake Northern Vietnam and China in Guizhou and Guangxi
A. formosanus Boulenger 1908 1 Formosa odd-scaled snake Taiwan and Japan in the southern Ryukyu islands
A. hainanus Huang 1975 0 Hainan odd-scaled snake China on Hainan island
A. jinggangensis Zong & Ma 1983 0 Zong's odd-scaled snake China in Jiangxi
A. meiguensis Hu & Zhao 1966 0 Szechwan odd-scaled snake China in western Sichuan at elevations of 1200–1400 m
A. niger Maki 1931 0 Black odd-scaled snake Taiwan
A. rufescens Boulenger 1888 0 Boulenger's odd-scaled snake Northern Vietnam and China in Hong Kong, Hainan and west to Guizhou, Shaanxi, Guangdong and Fujian
A. spinalis Peters 1869 0 Peters' odd-scaled snake Northern Vietnam, Japan (Kyūshū, Honshū, the Ryukyu Islands, Koshiki, Tokuno-shima: Kametoku and Inokawa), and central China (east to Fujian, west to Yunnan and Sichuan, and north to Gansu and Shaanxi. Also in Chekiang, Jiangxi, Kiangsu and Hupeh) at an elevation of 1,230 m
A. werneri Van Denburgh 1912 0 Amami odd-scaled snake Japan

*) Not including the nominate subspecies.

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